My name is Jacqui Taliesin El Masry and this is my story....

I'm a therapist, teacher, writer, artist and the creator of Alkhemi®Therapy, Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion and The SACRED STONES of Alkhemi®TherapyI've studied natural health, healing, psychology and spiritual traditions for nearly 40 years. I'm passionate about researching the scientific evidence for energy healing, and I'm fascinated by the link between metaphysics and quantum physics. 

As a practitioner I offer Alkhemi®Therapy, a combination of bodywork, counselling, energy healing and shamanic techniques. I have worked privately on a one-to-one basis, and with larger groups to help combat corporate stress. As a teacher I encourage students to go within and trust their inner wisdom. My vision has always been to empower others and awaken them to the power of their own sacred journey.  


Working with a client at a holistic fair.

I'm a Dru Yoga Teacher, Sekhem Master Teacher, Bowen Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Egyptian Cartouche Master Teacher, NLP Practitioner, Meridian Therapies Practitioner and Magnified Healing Master Teacher. I have diplomas in Anatomy and Physiology, Crystal Healing and Colour Therapy, and qualifications in Counselling and Co-Counselling. I have taken classes in Core Energy Management, Holistic Leadership, SKHM and Shamanic practices. I have a BA(Hons) Degree in Fashion and Textile Design, and I'm currently taking a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Psychology at Leeds Beckett University. For a full list of my qualifications click here.

Aura photos 



I will probably never know why my great-grandfather's parents named him Pharoah Ramsden. Someone must have made an error with the spelling, which should read "Pharaoh", but I won't hold that against my working class great-great-grandparents who both signed their name with a cross on the 1861 census form. My nanna told me that her father's name had always caused her embarrassment, but as a child I found the curious combination of the ancient and royal "Pharoah" with the down-to-earth Yorkshire "Ramsden" rather exotic and intriguing. It was no more than a curiosity then, but with hindsight it reads like an ancestral signpost, pointing the way to my future. Through the twists and turns of life and relationships, my name now has both ancient British (Celtic) and Egyptian connections.


After my divorce I decided that, rather than go back to my maiden name, I would move forward and choose a new surname to reflect my transformation. I searched many sources for inspiration but Taliesin (usually pronounced Tally-e-sin, but I pronounce it Tal-ee-sin) was the only name that resonated strongly with me. Sometimes called the Last Celtic Shaman, Taliesin was a poet who lived in late 6th century Wales, but in legend he was a shapeshifting bard and prophet associated with transmigration, metamorphosis, the quill and the harp - all symbolic of my life at that time. Taliesin literally means "shining brow", referring to the aura of light around his head.

El Masry is my surname from my six year marriage to Mahmoud, whom I met whilst living in Egypt. Masr is the Arabic name for Egypt, so El Masry is "the Egyptian". As I regard Egypt as my spiritual home, I'm proud and honoured to be called "El Masry". 



My childhood was defined by the extremes of academic expectations on the one hand, and my need to express myself creatively on the other. My paternal grandparents were incredibly nurturing, and encouraged my creative nature by allowing me complete freedom, and teaching me the transforming power of unconditional love. I was a dreamy, artistic, thoughtful, but very talkative child, regarded as "too sensitive" by the some of my down-to-earth Yorkshire family. I was in my thirties before I understood that sensitivity is a gift, and not something to be suppressed.

Me and my dad, drawing in sand at the beach. 

I went to a private all-girls school and was expected to be an all-round accomplished academic and sportsperson, but I somehow managed to spend a lot of time in the art room. I was always entranced by nature and I grew herbs to make natural beauty products. I discovered wholefoods in my late teens and became vegetarian soon after. My mother had become interested in yoga and complementary therapies, and encouraged me to attend classes with her. Despite taking a degree in Fashion and Textile design, and running my own business (Facade Original Clothing) - by the time I had my first child (aged 27) I was a fully-fledged vegetarian, meditating, natural-birthing, tree-hugging hippy chick!


Just before the birth of my first son, my father was hit by a car on his way home from work. He died a few hours later. In the space of five weeks I experienced the worst and best days of my life. My spiritual beliefs kept me sane during those incredibly painful first months. I knew that there had to be a deeper meaning for my father's death, even though I couldn't understand it at the time. After the birth of my second son, I became more and more interested in personal and spiritual development, and I began attending classes and courses. Working with healing energies completely changed my life. I took First Degree Reiki in September, 1995. By the time I took the Second Degree three months later, I had chosen to divorce my husband of 15 years and I was a single parent of two small boys. 




I had always been more drawn to Egyptian energies rather than Eastern systems such as Reiki. In early 2000 I took a Sekhem First and Second Degree course which was billed as an ancient Egyptian healing system. The energy felt luminous - golden, solar and powerful -  and it had a profound effect on my life. Within two months I had been gifted my first trip to Egypt. I travelled alone to stay with an English woman who was teaching Egyptian Mysteries at the edge of the desert overlooking the Pyramids of Giza. My love affair with Egypt had begun! 


The Great Pyramid, Giza

That first visit felt like a dream come true, but five months later I was back, for Simon Treselyan's Sekhem Mastery course - the first ever to be held in Egypt. I couldn't wait to start teaching Sekhem and I initiated my first student the day I landed back in England. However, I was frustrated by the lack of Egyptian content in the course and my students expressed the same disappointment. As I worked daily with the energy, inspiration and information began filtering through to me and I started to add the new material to my courses. 

Since then, researching Egyptian spiritual traditions and working intuitively and shamanically with the deities of ancient Egypt has been my passion and my life's work. I've lived in Luxor for a year and visited Egypt more than 20 times, each trip bringing more awe-inspiring moments and life-changing experiences: meditating at sacred sites; galloping on horseback across the desert by the pyramids of Giza; felluca (sailboat) rides on the Nile at sunset; riding camels into the desert at night to meditate under the stars; lying in the 'sacrcophagus' in the Great Pyramid whilst various notes were "toned" over me; meditating inside the Step Pyramid at Sakkara; being 'asked' by High Priestess and "Divine Adoratrice" Amenirdis to clear the passageways of her mortuary chapel; having the Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid opened especially for my personal Inner Guide Meditation initiation; sensing ancient priests around me in a small chamber at Medinet Habu; star-gazing all night on the roof of the villa, counting shooting stars; communicating psychically with pharaonic statues; walking along the workers' path across the Theban Hills to the Valley of the Kings....

Empowering the keystone of my carnelian Medicine Wheel with the energies of the West, on the mountain path overlooking the Valley of the Kings.       




....and in December 2012 I made a personal pilgrimage to Luxor to fulfil my dream of watching the 2012 Winter Solstice sun rise along the central avenue of Karnak Temple - one of the most memorable experiences of my life!

 Winter Solstice, 2012, Karnak Temple



From the signposts of my own personal journey a psycho-spiritual system evolved, a practical but deeply transformational process. Drawing on the sacred wisdom teachings of ancient Egypt, Alkhemi®Therapy empowers us to access healing energy, re-member our connection to Source, and rediscover alignment with our Infinite Self.

During the many years of developing Alkhemi®Therapy, I've been drawn to various subjects or therapies: (shamanism, mythology, magical invocation and ceremony, yoga and breathwork, star-gazing, drumming, sacred dance, essential oils, crystal healing and amuletic jewellery), and each time research has revealed that in some form they had been practised in ancient Egypt. This happened several times before I realised that I had been attracted to these activities for a reason - they were all elements that "wanted" to be included in the system. 



One of those elements was yoga. In 2008 I discovered Dru Yoga, a gentle but powerful form of yoga, which had such an immediate and profound effect on my well-being that I completed the two year Dru Yoga Teacher Training course. Although yoga, as we know it, wasn't practised in ancient Egypt, they undoubetdly practised sacred movement and breathwork - essential components for health and well-being.


There are many parallels between the mythology of Yogic philosophy and that of ancient Egypt. In my own practice I gradually replaced Hindu deities with Egyptian ones, and began developing sequences and postures which reflected the principles of Alkhemi®Therapy. I also introduced some of the simpler sequences into Alkhemi®Therapy as an effective way to clear and balance the body-field on a daily basis. Eventually, Alkhemi®Therapy and Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion became two complementary, overlapping modalities. 



I'd been attracted to shamanism for many years. I admired its utterly grounded approach to spirituality and its fearless perspective on what many see as the shadow aspects of life. Shamanism is the original Earth-based spirituality of all indigenous cultures and is similar to many Pagan religions: the natural world is respected and revered; everything that exists is believed to be imbued with spirit (even apparently non-sentient objects like stones, rivers and mountains); and ceremony and ritual are used to interact with human and nature spirits and the general functioning of the cosmos. 


My nine point crystal grid which I've been using for over 15 years. 

I was only a few weeks into a one year course, Walking the Sacred Wheel, when it became clear that I'd been working with shamanic techniques since I was a child: spending a significant amount of time in a light trance, believing that everything was alive, creating potions from plants and often visiting 'fantasy' worlds. Even more significantly, I realised that the ancient Egyptian priesthood had practised a highly developed, institutionalised form of shamanism, and I would even argue that the ancient Egyptian religion makes no sense unless approached from this perspective. This realisation had a profound affect on my personal spiritual practice, and also on Alkhemi®Therapy.


Alkhemi® Sacred Circle representing the Four Directions, and 18 centres of the human body-field (nine Primary Centres and eight Secondary Centres) laid out in a circle or Medicine Wheel. It symbolises daily, annual, and all other natural life cycles. I've recreated this layout in my garden to form a Medicine Wheel for sacred work. 

My own practice, and the advanced levels of Alkhemi®Therapy, could now be described as Ancient Egyptian Shamanism. I've created shamanic tools, invocations, healing techniques, amuletic stones and jewellery, anointing oils, rituals and ceremonies - all inspired by the principles of Alkhemi®Therapy, and in fact many of these have become part of the Alkhemi®Therapy system. Although (due to family commitments) these days I'm mostly a lone practitioner, I pride myself on being a Keeper of Ceremonies. My sacred days are linked to the cycles in nature and the celestial calendar: diurnal, annual, precessional, and significant astrological events. I celebrate Full and New Moons, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, and the Wheel of the Year (particularly Equinoxes and Solstices). I always record my shamanic journeys and ceremonies in a journal, and I keep a Dream Diary.  



Facing South: Summer Solstice Ceremony, 2017. 



Practising shamanism opened the way to two more significant elements on my journey: drumming and sacred dance. Drumming entered my life in the autumn of 2011 through two different gateways - shamanic drumming and African drumming. I had reached the stage of my shamanic course where we were asked to consider the use of percussion in healing. I was already fascinated by the use of sound as a healing mechanism, so I was enthusiastic about "asking for my drum" (a process where you prepare yourself for your ceremonial drum to enter your life). I felt it out there, but I was waiting. Around the same time, a chance conversation in my spiritual discussion group led me to an African drumming workshop which was being held two days later. The workshop turned out to be the first session of an on-going Djembe Circle and I was hooked! I was literally "entranced" by drumming. Even though we were all beginners, the vibration of many drums playing together created a feeling of connection and entrained my brain to a higher state of awarenesss. I bought my first djembe (the blue one at back left) and practised diligently. After a year I moved on to a professional djembe (centre back decorated with green ribbons for a gig at the "We are Wakefield" peace rally). When the Circle was obliged to become a community group and find its own funding, I volunteered to be the Chairperson and was launched onto a fast-track learning curve in the (alien to me) world of voluntary groups and committee procedures. 

My three sistra (singular: sistrum), the ancient Egyptian rattle, sacred to the goddess Hathor.  

Not long after I joined the Djembe Circle, my shamanic drum (see below: "My Drum Collection", centre front) came to me by way of my shamanic teacher. It's made of deerskin by the Lakota who dedicate them with prayer. I knew it by it's sound, which surged over and through me as it was demonstrated. Shamans cultivate a relationship with their drum which they perceive as a living being and I'm deeply honoured to have been chosen by my drum. Although I've learnt much about rhythm and percussion from the djembe circle, working with a shamanic drum is entirely more intuitive and unbound. The drum leads, psychically communicating the rhythm to the player.


Priestesses of the goddess Hathor playing the frame drum (left) and the sistrum (right). Wall relief in the Mammisi, Temple of Dendera, Upper Egypt.

After I discovered that ancient Egyptian priestesses played the frame drum (a round drum with a shallow frame) in temple ceremonies, I'm now focussing my drumming practice on mastering my 22" frame drum.


 African Dance performance at the African Drum Village, 2013 

Five years ago I began empowering my healing tools with the energy streams of Alkhemi®Therapy. This led to the creation of Alkhemi®Anointing Oils and The SACRED STONES of Alkhemi®Therapy (a range of Therapy Stones and amuletic jewellery), which enables everyone, regardless of training or background, to discover the transformational power of ancient Egyptian wisdom.



 Alkhemi® Anointing Oils and the SACRED STONES of the Nine Primary Energy Centres.


The SACRED STONES of Alkhemi®Therapy: amuletic jewellery and Therapy Stones. 


My vision for the future is to establish an ecologically and ethically-friendly yoga and retreat centre in Egypt - The Alkhemi®Centre - where spiritual travellers can learn healing arts, explore sacred rhythm and dance, practise yoga, contemplate ancient mysteries and realise their infinite potential! 

Sa Sekhem Sahu
In love and gratitude, 
Jacqui Taliesin El Masry 



Alkhemi®Therapy is a system of self-development and well-being created by Jacqui Taliesin El Masry over two decades using intuitive inquiry, shamanic journeying and academic research.

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