Beulah Festival: 26th - 29th June, 2015 

At the end of June I'll once again be at the awesome Beulah Yoga & Dance Festival where I'll be offering Alkhemi Therapy sessions. All proceeds from the festival go to support the venue, Lime Tree Farma spiritual sanctuary and nature conservation area in North Yorkshire. As a special treat I'll be giving away an Alkhemi Sacred Stones Charm with each session. The charm is made with crystal beads representing the Nine Primary Energy Centres and the Eight Secondary Energy Centres of Alkhemi Therapy.

Check out the Beulah Festival website to see what else is on offer!


Sacred Stones Workshop: Saturday 11th July, 2015; 11am - 2pm

Price: £27.50 (includes set of three empowered crystals)

This is a three hour workshop on the therapeutic use of crystals. Drawing on ancient and modern methods, the workshop will cover the fundamentals of Crystal Therapy, but also introduce more advanced techniques which are unique to Alkhemi. These have been developed during the last fifteen years of my work with ancient Egyptian wisdom traditions. The price includes a full-colour handout, Certificate of Attendance for CPD and a set of three crystals which have been empowered in sacred ceremony to the Earth centre, the Star centre and the Heart centre. Together they will balance the Basic Matrix of the Human Body-field.

Venue: Angelic Holistic Therapy and Beauty Centre, 55, Northgate, Wakefield WF1 3BP  


Meditation & Stress Management Workshop: Saturday 13th August, 2015; 11am - 2pm 

Price: £20.00 

This workshop covers basic relaxation techniques, and how meditation can be used for stress-management. It will suit beginners, but also those with some experience. The price includes full-colour handout and Certificate of Attendance for CPD.

Venue: Angelic Holistic Therapy and Beauty Centre, 55, Northgate, Wakefield WF1 3BP