Alkhemi®Therapy Mandala with stones representing the Four Directions/Elements, and 18 energy centres of the human body-fieldlaid out in a Sacred Circle. The mandala symbolises diurnal, annual and all natural life cycles. Click here to see larger image. 


The ancients believed that crystals had fallen from the sky as gifts from their ancestors. This is not so far from the truth. When you hold a crystal in your hands you are instantly in touch with the forces that shaped our planet and the elements that first formed aeons ago in the heart of distant stars. With their internal symmetrical molecular structure, they are a perfect symbol of order, balance and harmony.




How does Crystal Therapy work?

Crystals are the most organised and stable matter in the universe. Each crystal is formed from only one type of molecule, and all the molecules are arranged in a very regular, three-dimensional, symmetrical pattern known as a crystal lattice. This gives crystals an inherent order and a fundamental stability, and it means that the electromagnetic frequencies it emits are extremely consistent.

A human being, on the other hand, is built up from thousands of different molecules, each emitting a different frequency. Our DNA alone is made up of thousands of molecules, each with its own biomagnetic field and electrical charge. The human body-field (body and energy field) is like a huge orchestra with millions of individual musicians, all playing instruments at different vibrational frequencies. The musicians are all using the same basic score, but are following their own parts, and playing continuously for about eighty years! Not surprisingly, sometimes things can go wrong.


When the body is stressed, it's like one instrument, or a group of instruments going slightly off-key or falling behind the others. This creates disharmony in the overall "music" (electromagnetic frequency) that is produced. We have "dis-ease" in the system. We are "out of tune". Introducing a crystal into this situation is like striking a tuning fork. One single, pure tone is emitted that can act as a guide by which members of the orchestra can retune their instruments and re-establish harmony. Incidentally, sound healing works in a similar way.

So, placing a particular crystal into the energy field of a person who is feeling ill or tired can rebalance and reset the whole system, allowing the person to find equilibrium again. The skill of the crystal therapist lies in knowing exactly which crystal is needed to have the most beneficial affect. In Alkhemi®Therapy each energy centre has a corresponding stone, so it's a simple matter to place each stone on its associated centre. As you progress your work, you will begin to place the crystals intuitively. This takes the therapeutic effect to an even deeper level.



Wearing stones in the form of jewellery is an excellent way to benefit from their vibrational frequencies. In addition to the properties of the stones/crystals, Alkhemi ®Sacred Stones have been empowered with the sacred archetypes (deities and symbols) of ancient Egypt, so they are especially powerful for therapeutic use. Jewellery and tumblestones are available for all the energy centres and flows of the human body-field according to the spiritual anatomy of Alkhemi®Therapy.


Turquoise knotted bracelet and elasticated bracelet.